• Pittsford Area Schools
    9304 Hamilton St.
    Pittsford, MI 49271
    Superintendent: Deanna Edens;  deanna.edens@pittsfordk12.org
    Administrative Assistant: Regina Warner ext. 317 regina.warner@pittsfordk12.org
    Business Manager:  Greg Mallar; ext. 302 Greg.Mallar@pittsfordk12.org
    Superintendent's Welcome

    Welcome to Pittsford Area Schools. Pittsford Area Schools is recognized for its commitment to excellence. We are a part of an incredible community that values the education of its young people in both words and actions. Among these are our strong and active parents, staff, faculty, and Board of Education.

    When an entire school community is aligned and focused on a shared vision for learning, students thrive. We remain ever mindful that a strong partnership of our teachers working together with students and families will allow ALL students to demonstrate success.

     Thank you for your continued support of Pittsford Area Schools. Together — students, teachers, staff, parents and community members — we commit to building upon our outstanding educational and service opportunities for our students that will grow creativity, drive achievement, and inspire the next generation of wise and compassionate world citizens.

     Deanna Edens
    Pittsford Area Schools