Look to the column on the left for scholarship information and applications as they become available.  The sooner you apply, the better! Scholarships will be removed from the list as the deadline for application expires. 

     Mrs. Mallar would like to recommend some scholarship search resources so you can get started EARLY. Not all local scholarships will  become available until closer to the new year, but you can begin searching for other scholarships that may be applicable to you.
     1. www.fastweb.com - It is free to create an account and very easy to use. It will take information that you provide and will match your interests/accomplishments with scholarships that you are eligible to apply for.
    2. SMART PHONE APP: Scholly $0.99 - This app operates the same way as Fastweb by matching you with available scholarships that you may qualify for.

    Stop in and see Mrs. Mallar if you need information, such as your current GPA, to complete scholarships. Also, bring completed scholarships in for Mrs. Mallar to proof before you submit.