• Pittsford Area Schools, Department of Transportation

    Transportation Lead:  Jessica Rebeck

    517.523.3481 X 123


     Riding the bus is a privilege.  Students are to be ready and waiting for the bus every morning.  The bus is not required to wait while students walk from the house to the pick-up point.  This is time consuming and dangerous for the bus and its students.  Students are expected to cooperate in making trips safe.  You are to follow all bus rules and directions of the bus driver.  Should you have any questions regarding transportation, please contact Jessica Rebeck, Transportation Lead at 523-3481. Any misbehavior that distracts the driver is a very serious violation and jeopardizes the safety of everyone. All students in our school system who ride a bus are subject to Pittsford Area Schools' rules and regulations.  The school bus is considered to be an extension of the school building. 


    1.   All students must be at the bus stop before the bus arrival time.

    2.   Bus riders should not move to board a bus until it is completely stopped and the door is open.

    3.   Walk (don't run) in front of the bus when crossing the highway.

    4.   Bus riders must remain in their seats, in a seated position, at all times.

    5.   Bus drivers have the right to assign seats to all students.

    6.   No changing seats without the bus driver's permission.

    7.   There shall be no obstructions in the aisles.

    8.    Keep hands and head inside the bus at all times.

    9.    Bus riders should leave their seats only after the bus has come to a complete stop, at their stop.

    10.   Loud talking, shouting and/or fighting is not allowed.

    11.   No profanity.

    12.    No eating and/or drinking.

     13.   No use and/or possession of tobacco in any form.

    14.    No throwing of any objects at any time.

    15.    Live animals are not allowed on the bus unless in a cage and kept in the front of the bus.

    16.    Damage to the bus must be paid for by the rider inflicting the damage.

    17.    Be courteous, respectful, and obedient to your bus driver.  Your help will enable the driver to make the school bus ride safer.

    18.  The bus driver is authorized to suspend bus riders who refuse to cooperate. Parents must meet with the bus supervisor to resolve the problem.

     Students and parents/guardian should be aware that more serious offenses committed on the bus while in transit to or from school may result in suspension from both the bus and from school.  These offenses will be dealt with according to the penalties described in the Conduct section of the student handbook

     We hope that you will see this system as a reflection of our interest in the safety and well being of yourself and others.


    1.     No one is to enter a school bus until the driver first occupies it.  Students are to stay off the bus until the driver has brought it into loading position.

    2.     Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to leave the bus.  Remain seated while the bus is in motion.  Enter or leave the bus only at the front door.  THE EMERGENCY DOOR IS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.

    3.     Articles such as musical instruments and gym bags must be held by the owner and not left in the aisle or in front of the doors.

    4.     Talking and singing are permissible on spectator buses. Screaming, whistling, stomping of feet and other unruly practices will not be allowed.

    5.     Students are to refrain from all actions that are considered displays of affection.

    6.   Students who ride to activities on a school bus must return on the same bus unless given permission by the   coaches or chaperones.